September 2014 Promotions

September 2014 Promotions

Several promotions have been earned and were recognized in class on September 24th. Shihan Chris along with Sensei Matt presented diplomas and belts.

Firstly, Sensei Chuck, Sensei Zach, and Sensei Taylor, who successfully tested for shodan in June received their diplomas, belts, and instructor patches.

Sempai Ian, who along with Sempai CJ were promoted to san kyu in August, received his belt and diploma.

Hannah was promoted to san kyu and received her new belt and diploma and has joined the ranks of assistant instructors. She was also given instructions to learn a new kata in time to compete at the Diamond Valley Classic in November.

Sempais Paul, Russell, Carolyn, Mary Lou, and Rich were all promoted to ni kyu. 

Sensei Mike, who was not present due to work obligations (he was in the Detroit Airport), was promoted to nidan. He will receive his diploma during the next class.

Finally, nearly eleven years after earning shodan, Sensei Matt was promoted to sandan.

Congratulations to all! It is well deserved.