May 19, 2024

Notifications & Reminders

remindSometimes we have to cancel class or our class location has been changed or we want to remind our students about something. We use to do that. You can receive notifications via email, text message, mobile app, or a combination of these methods.

In Galway, since we use the school facilities, we are impacted by school closings. So please pay attention to school closings on the radio and television. However there are times that school is open, but PM activities have been cancelled. In Webster we are not impacted by school closings and when we have to cancel class during the wintewr we will try to get it listed on channels 8 and 10. There are also times at either location that class has to move to a different room in the building. By utilizing we are able to quickly send out a notification for the impacted classes.

Please use the links below to signup for notifications from It's FREE!



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or text @gemagalny to 81010


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or text @gemawebny to 81010