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Our Virtual Dojo was born out of necessity due to the COVID-19 pandemic to continue teaching students from both of our dojos. Our dojos returned to in person operation at different times. Afterward we decided to continue using the Virtual Dojo to enhance the training of our students and instructors.

Through the virtual dojo we have offered live classes using Zoom, we provide prerecorded classes, private lessons, and joint training with other schools. Some group classes, including the live ones, are recorded and uploaded to our GEMA Virtual Dojo channel on YouTube. We host several videos there including general and advanced classes, how to's, challenges, etc. Many of our videos are public, but some are unlisted and can only be seen by logging into this website. This includes advanced classes and private training videos. 

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Virtual Training Videos

Our recorded Advanced classes are uploaded to the GEMA Virtual Dojo channel on YouTube. 
These are videos meant to push our students while enhancing their skills. We invite students to...
Character Education is one of the greatest benefits of martial arts training.
Our recorded General classes are uploaded to the GEMA Virtual Dojo channel on YouTube. 
Videos in this category are simply how to... Tie your belt, register for the website, and...
These are the katas we learn in Inuwashi Do. Most of these katas are found in the Shukokai and...
This is a collections of videos on basic techniques used in our training, including those used...
These are videos of warmups students should do before class begins and drills to improve skills,...
These are videos of weapons katas and drills demonstrating basic skills.

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Videos showing diferrent workout routines, techniques, self-defense, weapons, sparring, character education, etc.