Bullying is a terrible act and unfortunately it has brought attention to the Rochester area recently. This recent incident has made it clear that no one is immune to it and it doesn't just happen to kids.

We need to use this as a teaching moment for everyone. If we witness such an act and do nothing then we become a victim of it as well. We have a choice at that moment - stand up for the person directly or get someone that can. That doesn't mean that we resort to violence. After all that is not what we train for - physical altercation as the absolute last resort.

Why do people bully others? They do it because of insecurities in their own personality and their own fear of being bullied. When we stand up t that attack eventually they will see the failure in that path.

We can help both the victim and the bully. There are may ways to help, especially the kids. The best way for kids is to get them involved in an organized group activity with attention given to both the group and the individual. The martial arts is a great solution as it is something they can enjoy throughout there life. Other activities include scouting, team sports, etc.

Some tips for dealing with bullies:

  • Make someone aware of it
  • Walk away when you can
  • Stay confident and calm
  • Safety in numbers
  • Fight only to defend yourself, family, and friends

Let's all be part of the solution.