Testing & Promotion

Testing & Promotion

Students are tested for new ranks and promoted when they have satisfactorily completed the requirements. Upon promotion they receive a new belt and diploma.

Testing is either formal or informal. All tests include skills in the areas of technique, self defense, kata, and sparring. Advanced ranks may also include breaking, weapons, and an interview.

Informal testing involves the student being observed by the instructors over several classes. After the observation period the instructors meet to discuss the student's performance. If a consensus is reached and the master/and or head instructor agree then the student is promoted. Informal testing is used for the ranks of sichi kyu, rok kyu, and go kyu.

Formal testing is done before a testing board of qualified instructors. During a formal test the student performs the required skills and is rated by each testing instructor. After the test the testing board discusses the student's performance and if a consensus is reached and the master/and or head instructor agree then the student is promoted. Formal testing is done for the ranks of chi kyu and up, The master and/or head instructor reserves the authority to use informal testing for any rank except shodan. All shodan testing will be done before a testing board.

All students under the age of fourteen (14) years may be promoted to a junior rank if so determined by the testing instructors or testing board or head instructor or master instructor. The minimum age to test for shodan is fourteen (14) years.

All rank tests are open for observation to the students of the school and guests of the testing student(s). All testing for sichi kyu and above may be recorded and will remain the property of the Golden Eagle Martial Arts. Students may request a copy of the recording.

All students will be required to meet the same requirements for each rank, however, their success or failure is not dependent on the success or failure of others.