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AIKC2018October 20th, 2018 was the twentieth consecutive time Golden Eagle Martial Arts participated in the American International Karate Championships.

This year was special because for the first time the event was held at the Webster Recreation Center, home of Golden Eagle Martial Arts Webster dojo. Our students competed in kata, weapons, and point sparring (a new event this year)



  • Isaac - 4th
  • Jay - 3rd
  • Jade - 3rd
  • Nicholas - 4th
  • Brendan - 4th
  • Jen - 3rd
  • Hanneh - 3rd
  • Paul - 2nd
  • Mary Lou - 2nd

Family Kata

  • Jen & Isaac - 2nd


  • Mary Lou - 2nd

Point Sparring

  • Isaac - 4th
  • Jay - 3rd
  • Nicholas - 2nd
  • Brendan - 1st
  • Jen - 1st
  • Hannah - 1st

Please enjoy the highlights in the video below.


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