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{jcomments on}First tournament victoryOn Saturday, October 19th several travelled to Herkimer County Community College for the Diamond Valley Classic, hosted by Bailey's Karate School - Herkimer. We were joined by a few of our fellow students from the Galway Karate Club as well as Sensei Beth came up from Binghamton University.

Everyone had a great time as we brought home many medals and cup trophies.

Aidan brought home two gold medals and two cup trophies in kata and kumite. Hannah brought home a bronze and a silver medal in kata and kumite. Sempai Paul grabbed a bronze medal in kata. Sempai Carolyn won a gold medal in kata. Semapi MaryLou won a bronze medal in kata. Sempai Rich snagged a silver medal and bronze medal in kata and kumite. Sempai Zach brought home two silvers in kata and weapons. Sempai Taylor brought home two gold and one bronze medal along with two cup trophies in kata, weapons, and kumite. Sempai Chuck brought home two silver and one gold medal in kata, weapons, and kumite.

We are proud of all our students and encourage everyone to participate in competitions.


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