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{jcomments on}2013LogosIt was a spectacular weekend in Albany for the North East Open. It started Friday evening with the Gala. About 160 people were in attendance at the Gala, which featured key  note speeches from Master Paul Fracchia, Master Miichael Campos, and Master Craig McDonald. During the Gala there was a trivia contest as well as some entertaining videos.

Afterwards the kids that participated in the Kids Night Out joined the crowd for the annual Night Show. The night show featured the Demo Team competition, different demonstrations from several different schools, a breaking demonstration featuring Master Adam Grogin, Master Drew Serrano, and Ralph Bergamo. The night show finished with a breaking demonstration by Sensei Chris Malley.

Sensei Chris would like to thank Sensei Mike Lilley, Sempai Rich Morelle, Sempai Carolyn Montanaro, and Hannah for their help during the demo. A very special thank you goes out to Master Paul Munchbach for his help and inspiration.

On Saturday the day was packed with action from beginning to end. Sempai Rich, Sempai Carolyn, and Hannah competed in multiple events. Sensei Mike had to withdraw from competition due to an injury. All our competitors represented Golden Eagle Martial Arts and even brought home some trophies. Sensei Chris was especially pleased to receive many compliments on how well our students performed.

Get ready for next year's competition. The date is already set for August 16th.


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